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Active Trader Services

Active Trader Services are targeted towards active and frequent traders in Derivative segment. We provide robust independent technical research combined with strengths of behavioral finance and cover over 2000+ listed Indian Stocks. Actionable trading calls in the derivative setment / Nifty outlook, Trade Recommendations and Advisories are currently delivered simultaneously through SMS and WhatsApp. These calls are followed by additional Exit Alerts, Book Profits Alerts, Follow –up Market Messages and more.

Additionally, you can reach out to Mr. Milan Vaishnav, during normal working hours if required.

Trading Advisory Services shall have the primary objective of providing Clients with short term trading calls backed by robust technical analysis. They are primarily targeted with spotting trading opportunities in stocks with optimized profit potential aimed for generating decent-yet-safe stock market profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get upon subscription of Active Trader Services?

Along with receiving calls based on detailed analysis of technical indicators, cyclical and sentiment indicators for Nifty and Individual Stocks that presents excellent money making opportunities, you will receive Daily Market Outlook – our Daily Technical Newsletter which is currently in its 16th year of publishing. You will also receive our Weekly Market Outlook every Saturday for the following week. Additionally, you will also receive special articles that are published at least twice a month.

What kind of calls will I receive?

You will receive calls based on detailed analysis of technical indicators, cyclical and sentiment indicators for Nifty, Individual Stocks, that presents with excellent money making opportunities. We are committed to deliver timely, accurate and actionable independent technical research to you with optimized profit potential. We give out single target calls. No multiple targets given. A call has clear entry, exit and SL levels defined.

Apart from calls, what other type of messages will I receive?

Once a call is initiated, we constantly monitor it on your behalf. We never abandon any position. Once a call is generated, you will receive Exit Alerts, Book Profit Alerts, and Market follow-up messages at regular intervals. Before close of trading hours, you will also receive follow up message to hold and carry positions, if any, for the next trading day.

How will I receive your Services?

Presently, all advisories are pushed through WhatsApp.

How many numbers of Calls will I receive on any given day?

More stress is laid on QUALITY of calls than on quantity of calls. You may receive 2-3 days of calls on an average. We DO NOT generate high quantity calls (like 8 to 10 calls in a day) in which, going by our experience, an investor never earns. Given the Market conditions, it may so happen that you may not receive any fresh call.

Is the research delivered real-time or given before Market hours?

The research is real-time. We send out real time research during Market hours leaving you with enough time to enter an advised trade.

Can I avail this service in more than one segment?

YES – We have dedicated plans for NIFTY, Individual Stocks and BankNifty. Combination of these segments is also available.

What is the minimum amount of capital do I need to invest to avail this service?

Any capital from INR 200,000 (Two Lakh) available for trading is sufficient to begin with. Irrespective of capital that is available, we always advise our clients to trade in a 70:30 Ratio, i.e. Invest your 70% capital in margins and keep 30% as CASH ON HAND to meet Marked-to-Market requirements, if any. This provides additional safety net for a trader from risk management point of view.

What is the Subscription Period that I can avail of?

You have option to choose from our Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual Plans. Usually, longer duration plans are cheaper as compared to Monthly Plans.

Is access to the Consultant is available?

Certainly. You are most welcome to speak with Milan Vaishnav, anytime when required during normal working hours. We would love to hear from you.

What are the modes of payment of fees?

You have more than one option. Apart from Direct Electronic Transfer to our bank account, Cheques and DDs are accepted. Further to this, you have options to pay through 73+ Debit Cards (All Mastercard, VISA, RuPay, AMEX and Maestro) , Credit Cards, 48+ Net Banking options, Prepaid Cards, Wallets and Bank EMIs.

Fee Structure

This is a Subscription based service. Clients have option to choose from four different tenures. Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annual Plans.


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