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Algorithm Backed Hedged Options Service

After putting several months of time and resources in developing a system, we present Algorithm Backed Hedged Options Calls Services or NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and STOCKS. The system aims to keep losses limited given its Hedged nature and return profits 2 to 4 times of the hedging cost in event of an expected move.

An Algorithm searches for favorable Index and Stock Movements and identifies a short term trend. Based on this, it further calculates different available Hedged strategies that can be traded mostly through Options and sometimes through combination of Options and Futures.

After generating nearly 40-50 such probable Hedged Strategies, it chooses the one with the most optimized Risk to Reward Ratio. While keeping losses fixed and limited in case of any unfavorable move, it has a potential to generate 2 to 4 times of profits against the risk taken.

Fee Structure

This is a Subscription based Services available in Monthly and Quarterly tenures.

Hedged Options ( Algorithm Backed)


Frequently Asked Questions

⇒ What will I get upon subscription of Algorithm Based Hedged Options Service?
You will receive Hedged Options call for NIFTY, Bank NIFTY and Stocks. These calls will be derived from a programmed algorithm which shall present you with an Risk-Reward Optimized Option call. This will have a limited loss and a 2 to 4 times of profit potential.
How will I receive your Services?
Presently, all advisories are pushed through SMS and WhatsApp simultaneously.
How many numbers of Calls will I receive during any Week?
More stress is laid on QUALITY of calls than on quantity of calls. You may receive 3 to 4 Hedged Options Calls during a week.
Is the research delivered real-time or given before Market hours?
The research is real-time. We send out real time research during Market hours leaving you with enough time to enter an advised trade.
What is the minimum amount of capital do I need to invest to avail this service?
Any capital from INR 150,000 t0 200,000 available for trading is sufficient to begin with.
What is the Subscription Period that I can avail of?
Presently, you have an option to choose from a Monthly and Quarterly Plans. We will come up with longer tenure in future.
Is access to the Consultant is available?
Certainly. You are most welcome to speak with Milan Vaishnav, anytime when required during normal working hours. We would love to hear from you.
What are the modes of payment of fees?
You have more than one options. Apart from Direct Electronic Transfer to our bank account, Cheques and DDs are accepted. Further to this, you have options to pay through 73+ Debit Cards (All Mastercard, VISA, RuPay, AMEX and Maestro) , Credit Cards, 48+ Net Banking options, Prepaid Cards, Wallets and Bank EMIs.

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