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Algorithm Backed NIFTY and BankNifty Futures

Systematic Trading, with all its benefits, is the must-have tool for active and professional traders. 

Algorithms -- as in over 75% of the cases are based solely on the mathematical and statistical tools. They are often devoid of a basic understanding of the core structure of the markets or often fail to change and adjust their behavior to keep themselves aligned with the change in the market conditions.

We have gone the extra mile to create a system that takes full benefit of our sound Technical Analysis based research capacity. We have followed a step-by-step documented research process based on the sound principles of Technical Analysis over the past decade and a half. We have, now, converted that entire research process into a code which now becomes a simple yet smart Algorithm that not only tracks the market but aligns itself smartly with the ever-changing market conditions.

The system is designed to optimally deliver the following benefits:

  • No emotional involvement

  • A simple but correct mix of leading and lagging indicators which promptly align themselves with the trend

  • Consistent profits for the Clients

  • Enhanced performance of your trading portfolio

  • Efficient trend following

  • A consistent Relative Out-performance against the Benchmark

  • Adopt a disciplined approach to trading

  • Eliminate human bias and behavioral pitfalls

  • A consistent approach to the markets

Performance So Far...
  • From August 03, till Nov 04, the System generated profits of 1078.40 points on NIFTY  Per Lot

  • 1078.40 points Per Lot in 90 days

  • Average of 359.47 Points Per Lot of NIFTY

Fee Structure

This service is a Subscription-based service. Scroll below the subscribe