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Customized Portfolio Advisory Services

This is a premium advisory offering and it is customized for the Clients. Here, a client has an option to seek services which are thoroughly personalized in nature which he typically retains for one year. This service is designed for Clients who either have their existing portfolio of Equity shares or they wish to start afresh.

Does your Equity Portfolio have lot many companies ? Are you finding it difficult to remain invested with the leading sectors? Do you notice that holding small quantities of shares in lot many companies has resulted into fragmentation of your investments? Do you notice that very good performance by few of your investments has been nullified by bad performance of many of your investments in your portfolio? Over all, do you feel that your portfolio is under-performing the general markets?
If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, then this is just the right service for you.

This service essentially works on Active Portfolio theory. This means that you may not trade on day-to-day basis but will also not hold for a long term. Normally, holding period of each position is anywhere between 15- days to 3 months. Essentially, there is active and timely pruning of portfolio at regular intervals. The service includes one full year of advising the Client of entry / exits based on proper sector allocation, advising him also on the quantities to purchase etc. The portfolio benefits from extensive use of RRG (Relative Rotation Graph), used primarily as a tool for top-down research to identify leading sectors.