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Algorithm Backed Hedged Options Services

After putting several months of time and resources in developing a system, we present Algorithm Backed Hedged Options Calls Services or NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and STOCKS. The system aims to keep losses limited given its Hedged nature and return profits 2 to 4 times of the hedging cost in event of an expected move.

An Algorithm searches for favorable Index and Stock Movements and identifies a short term trend. Based on this, it further calculates different available Hedged strategies that can be traded mostly through Options and sometimes through combination of Options and Futures.

After generating nearly 40-50 such probable Hedged Strategies, it chooses the one with the most optimized Risk to Reward Ratio. While keeping losses fixed and limited in case of any unfavorable move, it has a potential to generate 2 to 4 times of profits against the risk taken.
Fee Structure

This is a Subscription based Services available in Monthly and Quarterly tenures.