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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Placed Near Imp Short Term Supports; Need To Stay Above This Point

In an immensely volatile session, the NIFTY oscillated back and forth in a wide 200-point range before it closed the day with modest gains. The markets saw a subdued but positive start to the day only pare the opening gains in the first hour of the morning. The index slipped in the negative zone bri…

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Trade Setup For Tuesday: NIFTY Slips Below This Short-Term MA; Mild Technical Pullback May Not Be Ruled Out

The fear of fresh lockdown amid rising COVID-19 cases across India instilled a sense of fear in the markets. Amid such hurt sentiments, the Indian equities opened lower, drifted further during the day, and ended the day with a deep cut. The overnight global setup was not so weak, and the Asian marke…

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Trade Setup For Monday: NIFTY May See A Mild Technical Pullback; Picking Right Stocks Important Because Of This

The corrective mood of the Indian equities continued to persist as the markets ended in the red for the fourth day in a row while extending its losses. The markets saw a negative opening, but it soon crawled back inside the positive territory. The markets, however, did not say long in the positive z…

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Week Ahead: Staying Above This Level Crucial For NIFTY; RRG Charts And These Factors Offer Interesting Insights

While displaying some signs of imminent consolidation, the Indian equities took some breather in the previous week as it ended with a modest cut. The session remained a bit wider than the week before as the NIFTY oscillated in a 533-point range over the previous week. The past five days also saw the…

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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Likely To See A Quiet Start; These Factors Are A Cause Of Concern For Emerging Markets

The Indian equity markets extended its modest correction as it ended yet another day with on a negative note. The Indian markets failed to see a stronger chart despite firm Asian trade setup. It opened positive but marked the intraday high point in the first minutes of the trade. It slowly pared all…

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Thursday Trade Setup: Weekly Options Data Show Capped Upsides; These Stocks Will Continue To See Action

After a day of a breather, the markets resumed its corrective move to end yet another day with a modest loss. Following a weaker handover than usual from the global trade setup, the Indian equities opened on a negative note. After opening negative, the NIFTY slipped further in the morning trade. The…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Lowers Its Resistance; Staying Stock-Specific In Approach Will Help

The markets chose to take a breather after a percent of advance in the previous session as it oscillated in a 189-point range before ending the day on an absolutely flat note. The NIFTY saw itself opening with a mild gap-up following absence of any overnight cues and strong Asian markets, the NIFTY …

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Tuesday Trade Setup: NIFTY At A Record High Again; Be Prepared For This Thing While Sticking To These Sectors

In the yesterday’s technical note, the level of 15200 was mentioned as a crucial level to watch for NIFTY. It was expected that if the Index is able to move past this level, it can pile up some incremental gains. Monday’s session saw the NIFTY opening with a modest gap up and saw itself opening abov…

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Monday Trade Setup: NIFTY To See A Stable Start; Moving Past This Level Crucial For Any Incremental Upside

The markets refused to take any directional cue on the last trading day of the week as it oscillated in a defined range and ended on a flat note. The markets started on a flat note and after dipping slightly in the red in the morning trade, it crawled back inside the positive territory. The NIFTY sp…

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Week Ahead: Overstretched NIFTY Needs Take Note Of These Technical Factors; RRG Charts Show These Sectors Favorably Placed

Following a strong earlier week, the previous week saw some extension of the up move as the NIFTY ended on a positive note. The most of the past five sessions saw the index trading in a capped range with limited upsides. Unlike the earlier week had a very wide-ranging moves. The previous days saw th…

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