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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Stays Crucially Poised; Protect Profits Vigilantly

While staging a rally in the second half of the session, the markets recovered a good amount of what it had lost in the previous session. After opening on a quiet note, the NIFTY soon slipped in the red in the morning trade. After that, it slipped a bit more as it spent the first half of the session…

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Thursday Trade Set up: NIFTY Fails The Attempted Breakout; This Lead Indicator Does Not Paint A Pretty Picture

Much on the anticipated lines, the Indian equity markets took a corrective beating and closed the day with a deep cut. After opening on a strong and better-than-expected note once again, the NIFTY soon pared its gains in the first hour and half of the trade. After slipping in the negative, the index…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Attempts A Yet Another Breakout; Keep Focus On These Sectors

Amid decelerating momentum, the Indian equities continued to pile up gain and ended yet another day on a lifetime high. Markets saw a decent and better-than-expected opening and traded within a capped range while maintaining the opening gains. It got stronger as the day progressed and spent the seco…

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Tuesday Trade Setup: NIFTY Still Below This Crucial Zone; Tread Cautiously

The markets continued to rise on a weaker breadth and ended one more day with modest gains. The NIFTY saw a modest gap up opening but pared all its opening gains to slip in the negative by late morning trade. However, after that, the NIFTY transformed itself in a rising trajectory and crawled in the…

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Monday Trade Setup; Soft Start Likely; NIFTY May Be Showing Signs Of Distribution Unless These Levels Are Taken Out

The markets again staged a reluctant up move as it saw a surge on back of short covering to end a day with gains. The NIFTY saw a positive start to the day but soon pared the opening gains to trade flat. The most part of the session was spent in a capped range when the index oscillated in a limited …

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Week Ahead: NIFTY Flirts With A Important Pattern Resistance; RRG Chart Show Good Activity In These Sectors

In the previous weekly note, we had mentioned about the NIFTY testing its crucial pattern resistance. Over the past five trading sessions, the markets, in general, displayed some corrective tendencies but continued to extend its gains. As compared to the previous two weeks which had a wide trading r…

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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Markets A Temporary Top; These Sectors To Relatively Outperform

The nearly unabated almost 1200-point move on the markets came to a halt when the Index came off significantly from the high point of the day to end the day with a cut. The markets showed a very resilient opening despite the Asian weakness, and at one point in time also traded positive. While tradin…

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Thursday Trade Setup: Weekly Options Expiry To Dictate Levels For NIFTY; Continue To Adopt Stock-Specific Approach

Fueled by a spurt in the broader markets consisting midcap stocks and the extension of rally in the financial group, the Indian benchmark NIFTY extended its gains to end at a fresh high point. The markets saw a soft opening on expected lines and after trading in a limited range, marked its low point…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY Shows Enough Warning Signs; Use Up Moves For Doing This Instead Of Chasing Them

Following a strong overnight handover from the US markets, the Indian equities extended their up move and ended yet another day with gains. The Markets saw a positive opening for the day but pared most of the gains in the morning session. The momentum picked up again and the Index spent the remainin…

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Tuesday Trade Setup: NIFTY Remains Overstretched; Guard Profits While Focusing On These Stocks

Just like it happens on a typical Mahurut session day, the NIFTY opened higher, gradually came off its highs but still managed to end the day on a positive note. The markets saw a gap up opening but marked its intraday high point in the early minutes of the day. After that, the NIFTY gradually pared…

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