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Week Ahead: Slippery Road Ahead For the NIFTY; RRG Charts Show No Major Shift On The Sectoral Front

The week remained largely uneventful for the markets as they traded in a narrow range and consolidated over the past five days. The trading range also remained much narrow as compared to the earlier weeks. The NIFTY witnessed a movement in the band of just 235-odd point while avoiding taking any dir…

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Friday Trade Setup: NIFTY Continues To Stay Precarious; May Get Weak If It Slips Below This Level

Despite the overnight global weakness, the Indian equities staged a resilient show but went on to end the day on a negative note. Following overnight weakness in the US Markets and prevailing weakness within Asia, the Indian markets saw a lower opening. However, the opening was on a negative note, b…

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Thursday Trade Setup: Weekly Options Expiry To Keep NIFTY In Defined Range; Selective Approach Is Advised

It was a positive day of trade for the Indian markets, as the NIFTY went on to extend its gains after half a day of consolidation. The markets saw a positive start to the trade and traded with capped gains in the morning session. At one point, after trading in defined range, the NIFTY gave up its ga…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY May Attempt Incremental Upsides; Likely US Dollar Pullback Stays A Risk

The bulls refused to let go of their grip on the markets as the Indian equities resumed its surge to end the day with a decent gain. The start to the day was a bit jittery on the expected lines. The NIFTY opened with a on a decently positive note but soon pared all its morning gains by late morning …

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Tuesday Trade Setup: NIFTY Weak Against Broader Markets; Continue Staying Defensive

In a wide-ranging and volatile session, the NIFTY hung precariously near its crucial levels after ended the day on a modestly negative note. The markets saw a buoyant start on the expected lines and stayed strong until the first half of the trading session. As mentioned in the previous technical not…

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Monday Trade Setup: NIFTY Likely To See A Stable Start; Crucial To Keep Head Above These Levels

In a thoroughly listless day, the markets spent the whole session trading in a very capped and narrow range and ended the day on a flat note. The markets saw a modestly positive opening to the session on anticipated lines. After that, it soon pared those modest gains in the early morning trade. Afte…

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Week Ahead: This Fractal Pattern Is A Concerning Factor For Near Term; RRG Charts Tell To Stay Sector-Specific

The Indian equities ended the week with modest gains as it struggled to keep afloat when the global markets showed sharp corrective moves leading to the revision of means. In a trading range that stayed narrower if compared to the week before this one, the headline index ended with gains while the b…

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Friday Trade Setup: Important For NIFTY To Stay Above This Pattern Resistance Point; Has A Turbulent Patch Ahead

Contrary to the expectations, the weekly options expiry day remained a strongly trending one as the NIFTY ended the day on a strong note. The markets opened on anticipated lines and traded in a range amid modest gains. However, after the late morning trade, the trend got even stronger. The NIFTY tes…

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Thursday Trade Setup: Weekly Expiry May Keep NIFTY Both Range-bound & Volatile; Stay Light

In a relatively resilient day of trade, the Indian equity staged a range-bound move before ending the day with a modest cut. Following the overnight weakness in the global markets, the Indian equities saw a weaker opening. After opening negative, the NIFTY plunged to the day’s low of 11185 by aftern…

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Outlook For Wednesday: NIFTY To Stay Largely Range-bound; These Levels Will Have Prominent Reference Point Going Ahead

Tuesday’s session literally saw the markets trading precisely on the anticipated lines. The absence of overnight global cues saw the markets opening on a positive note and getting stronger as the day progressed. At the same time, the NIFTY resisted precisely at the double top resistance point of 114…

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